Let’s get ready – donations needed.

by phildunn on 13 June, 2017

With Theresa May working on her deal with the D.U.P. it seems highly likely that her government will not “go the distance”. Pundits suggest that the next election may come sooner rather than later…. MUCH sooner.

My opinion is that we may easily find ourselves going back to the polls within a year and the result of the next election will be very different to the one we’ve just had. Whatever the timescale, I fully intend to stand again in Bournemouth West and, for that reason, my campaign team needs your help.

Election campaigns are expensive, especially for parties like ours that don’t have huge donations from big business or trades unions. For that reason I’m asking for your help.  If you can make a donation to Bournemouth Liberal Democrats’ campaign funds please click the link below.
Thank you


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