Coronavirus Updates

by phildunn on 31 March, 2020

To stay up to date with all the latest press releases, news and views from me and my party colleagues here in Bournemouth, please follow our facebook pages which are updated regularly throughout the day.

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by phildunn on 12 December, 2019

Thank you to all those new party members and volunteers across Bournemouth East who have given so generously of their time over the last few weeks. Not only have you helped to get our message to voters in Bournemouth, but you’ve been helping secure votes in Mid Dorset & North Poole, Romsey & Southampton North, […]

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Will Tobias Oppose “No-Deal” Brexit?

by phildunn on 8 December, 2019

Today, in my capacity as Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Bournemouth East I have challenged our local Conservative candidate to rule out a no-deal Brexit in December 2020. This follows Boris Johnson refusing to rule out a no-deal exit from the EU. Under the Conservative Party’s plan, the UK will have until December 2020 to […]

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Lib Dems will reverse school cuts in Bournemouth.

by phildunn on 23 November, 2019

The Liberal Democrats have announced that they will spend £10 billion a year more on schools and hire 20,000 more teachers by the end of the next Parliament. Figures from the National Education Union show that next year (2020/21), schools across Bournemouth’s two constituencies will have seen their budgets cut by an eye-watering £3,640,087 in […]

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And we’re off!

by phildunn on 8 November, 2019

Tomorrow marks the official start of my campaign for December 12th. The day will kick off with some campaigning on behalf of my brilliant colleague in Bournemouth West, Jon Nicholas. If you’d like to join me we will be meeting at 10am at the Shoulder of Mutton pub, 1010 Ringwood Road, Bournemouth, BH11 9LA (map) […]

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End the gender pay gap

by phildunn on 5 November, 2019

The Bournemouth Echo has recently carried a story highlighting the fact that women in Bournemouth receive on average 20% lower pay than their male counterparts. I find it appalling that this issue has STILL not been resolved. Way back in 1970 (when I was 5 years old) the first Equal Pay Act was introduced to […]

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42 days and counting

by phildunn on 30 October, 2019

As of today, 30th October 2018, there are 42 days until polling day. In Bournemouth East there are 43,627 doors to be knocked and 76,175 voters to be talked to. In order to speak to every voter I would have to knock roughly 1,039 doors every day from midnight tonight onwards. That equates to 43 […]

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Local referendum tomorrow. In Boscombe and Pokesdown tomorrow a local referendum is being held on the following question;- “Do you want BCP Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Boscombe & Pokesdown to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?” I will be voting YES in this referendum as I believe it is […]

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Official : Johnson’s Brexit bad for the UK

by phildunn on 30 October, 2019

So now we know the date of the next election. We will be going to the polls on Thursday 12th December. Winter elections usually favour the Tories as the days are short and many working voters often don’t feel like voting on a cold, dark evening after a long day at work. This election, however, […]

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We must demand better

by phildunn on 29 September, 2019

Over recent weeks many of us have watched in disbelief as Boris Johnson unlawfully attempted to prorogue Parliament. Upon Parliament’s resumption, Johnson and his government have been entirely unrepentant and the chamber itself has descended into something resembling a bear pit. Some of the language used by our politicans has been truly frightening! It is […]

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