We must demand better

by phildunn on 29 September, 2019

Over recent weeks many of us have watched in disbelief as Boris Johnson unlawfully attempted to prorogue Parliament.

Upon Parliament’s resumption, Johnson and his government have been entirely unrepentant and the chamber itself has descended into something resembling a bear pit. Some of the language used by our politicans has been truly frightening!

It is quite clear that our politics simply isn’t working at the moment and much of this shambles has been brought about by the overwhelming desire of an increasingly right-wing government, that commands no majority in the House, to impose a Brexit on this country that few if any people ever voted for.

Having stood at the general election in 2017 it became clear as the results emerged that our country was set for more instability and confusion. What wasn’t clear at the time was just how much more angry our country would become.

I am standing for election once more in the hope that our country can find a new way forward and it is clear to me that a secure future for all in the United Kingdom can not include Brexit. That’s why, at our recent party conference in Bournemouth I voted to back our policy of revoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty without delay should the Liberal Democrats secure a majority at the general election.

Some voters have said to me that this policy is in some way “anti-democratic”. My reponse is that there is nothing undemocratic about putting a policy to the people for you to vote on.

Whilst I am ready to carry this position onto the doorsteps it is no secret that under our first-past-the-post electoral system it could require a landslide of seizmic proportions to secure a Liberal Democrat majority. What is becoming abundantly clear however is that more and more citizens of this country are coming around to our way of thinking, and I am confident that should we secure a majority absolutely nobody could argue that we wouldn’t have a mandate to revoke Article 50 immediately.

In the event that Liberal Democrats do not secure such a majority our stance of the last three and half years will remain unchanged. We will continue to stand front and centre in the fight for a People’s Vote, where (unlike the Labour Party) we will campaign unequivocally to Remain in the European Union.

It’s not all about Brexit, however.

To heal our country we need to address a whole range of problems, ranging from social housing and our benefits system to mental healthcare; adult social care to public transport and the greatest issue facing us today, our climate emergency.

Over the coming weeks and, perhaps, months, I will be laying out my position on all these issues. If you have any questions about my stance, please feel free to contact me. I will be very pleased to hear from you, (even if we disagree).

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