Serious Questions Need Answering over Xenophobic Graffiti

by phildunn on 29 June, 2017

I have today written to the Bournemouth Echo concerning the xenophobic graffiti attack in Boscombe.

On Thursday 29th June I saw for myself the appalling, anti-Polish graffiti that had been sprayed across the front of the Riviera Bar in Boscombe.

Having just stood at the general election on a platform of trying to build an open, tolerant and united country, I wanted to gauge the feelings of those who had been targetted by this attack and I was shocked when I spoke to one Polish woman who told me “you just get used to it”.

Whilst I admire her stoicism and willingness to “get on with it”, I can not accept that anybody in our community should be subject to xenophobic or racist hatred.

As I watched two council employees attempting to clean the graffiti from the building (they had already cleaned to Police Box) I learned that the bill for clean-up would probably be in the region of £500 to £1000 once staff, transport, chemicals and other costs had been taken into account.

What shocked me more was being told that, allegedly, nothing at all had been seen on any of the six CCTV cameras within about twenty metres of the Riviera.

The Riviera bar’s own external cctv camera had been vandalised with spray paint over the lense. Worse than this, the police box is fitted with four cctv cameras, (one of which points directly at the Riviera Bar). Were these cameras on? Was anybody watching them? Was any footage recorded?

To complete this tale, the final cctv camera sits atop a tall post opposite the Riviera, outside KFC. Apparently this camera also yielded no evidence. Again I ask if this camera was on, was anybody watching it and was any footage recorded?

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that this had not been a graffiti attack, but had been an assault. Would police be in possession of any evidence at all to help them make an arrest?

Serious questions need to be answered by local councillors AND our Police and Crime commissioner.

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