Statement on Tim Farron’s Resignation

by phildunn on 14 June, 2017

Tim Farron, speaking at the Bournemouth International Centre.

For what it’s worth, this is my personal view on Tim’s resignation from the role of Liberal Democrat Party leader.

In this country we have heard many people claiming to have “Christian values” over recent years. Theresa May claims that prayer is important in her decision making and Tony Blair was a committed Christian. Representatives from left and right have claimed the religious mantle, not least those in UKIP who have made great play of the UK being a “Christian nation” in their assault on Islam.

Tim Farron’s Christian values, however, have been turned into something to be hounded over. I find it appalling that Tim’s faith has received more attention from the media during the recent General Election campaign than anything actually pertinent to my party’s manifesto. It is, perhaps, because of this attention from the likes of Andrew Neil that Tim has seen it right to resign.

To hold principles outside of politics is, it now seems, a weakness.

To have those principles misrepresented and exploited for political ends is, it now seems, fair game.

As an atheist I have been proud to stand as a general election candidate under Tim’s leadership. He has presided over the biggest expansion ever in the party’s membership and enthused more new activists than ever before.
Tim has always been and, I believe, always will be a champion of liberalism whose voting record on individual rights and liberties stands up to scrutiny and speaks for itself.

I have valued Tim’s leadership and look forward to standing again under the Liberal Democrat banner whenever the next election comes.

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